Hey just a quick note about the ColdFusion Community Toolbar that I saw mentioned on Ben Nadel's Blog. It's a browser toolbar plugin, and it's pretty slick!

It has a CF-specific search to let you search the documentation. It has pull-down tabs for Community (latest CF-Talk posts, latest CFDJ articles, etc.), Blogs (latest MXNA, FullAsAGoog, etc.), Markup and CSS validators, CF Job Postings, and an integrated mp3 player that has all the CF-related podcasts.

I must say it's very nicely done! Kudos to Fusion Authority and Epicenter for building this.

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  • # Posted By Cliff Pearson | 1/19/07 4:05 PM

    Pity it's Windows only.

  • # Posted By Judith Dinowitz | 1/21/07 2:38 AM

    Cliff, I'd love to make this Mac and Linux capable as well. We are currently using Conduit.com to develop this, and their toolbars are Windows-only. Do you have a specific service that would develop this for Mac and Linux users? Perhaps we could expand what we offer...

  • # Posted By Cliff Pearson | 1/21/07 10:02 AM

    I'm afraid I don't Judith.

    I'm not normally a big fan of browser toolbars, with the notable exception of the Firefox Web Developer toolbar (anyone in this industry who doesn't use this needs their bumps felt, as my grandmother used to say! B->), but my interest was piqued by the announcement of this CF-specific toolbar, only to deflate when I found the Windows-only info, as I'm a recent MacBook Pro convert.

    It may be an idea to contact the author of the Web Developer toolbar, as his creation is cross-platform - http://chrispederick.com/work/webdeveloper/


  • # Posted By Conduit | 1/29/07 3:58 AM

    The toolbar is already cross platform and works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. It seamlessly works on any platform that Firefox runs on. To get the Firefox version just browse to http://coldfusioncommunity.communitytoolbars.com/ using Firefox and you'll automatically get it (or just go directly to http://coldfusioncommunity.communitytoolbars.com/xpi" target="_blank">http://coldfusioncommunity.communitytoolbars.com/x...).