I've thrown my hat into the 30onair ring with a video showing how one can use a single CFC to supply data to HTML apps, AJAX components, XML, web services, and AMF Flex integration.

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  • # Posted By Scott Stroz | 2/29/08 5:46 PM

    Brian, that is awesome. I could not think of a better, simpler way to show the true power of ColdFusion.

  • # Posted By Gary Funk | 3/9/08 9:39 PM

    Oh so very good and quick to the point. Is that demo live anywhere?

  • # Posted By Brian Kotek | 3/12/08 11:12 AM

    I've added the code as an attachment to the blog entry, via the Download link in the list of links beneath the blog entry. Hope that helps!

  • # Posted By Gary Funk | 3/12/08 5:03 PM

    Thanks Brian. This goes a long way in showing the power of ColdFusion.

  • # Posted By David McGuigan | 3/28/08 12:06 AM

    Don't you wish you language could do that?