First just a quick note that I have updated the Swiz Console to version 1.2, which maintains parity with Swiz version 1.2. This update adds a tab to show views that have been processed with ViewAdded and ViewRemoved. As always, you can grab the swc or the source at my GitHub repository.

In other news, Chris Scott put up a blog entry on the Swiz site with an overview of aspect-oriented programming in AS3. One might speculate that this is a lead-in to some very cool stuff coming in the Swiz framework, if one were so inclined...;-)

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  • # Posted By Christian Kostenzer | 9/19/11 10:58 AM

    Hi Brian,
    I tried to download the SwizConsole.swc - but the mentioned Link is not working. Is there any other Location, from where I can get the File ?


  • # Posted By Brian Kotek | 9/19/11 11:51 AM

    Hi, sorry looks like the last version I uploaded didn't increment the version number. I pushed a new file up with the correct version number (1.2.0). Let me know if you have any issues! Thanks.

  • # Posted By Christian Kostenzer | 9/19/11 12:59 PM

    Thanks a lot - everything is fine now.