CFUnited Clean Code and Swiz Presentations Now Online

Just a quick note that, as promised, my presentations from CFUnited are now online!

Clean Code

The Swiz Framework for Flex and ActionScript

Thanks to all who attended!

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Swiz 1.0RC Released! So here's an updated example, custom ViewMediator, and more

There's a lot of good news from the Swiz world today. First, we just released the Swiz 1.0 Release Candidate, which fixes a number of small bugs in the beta and adds numerous new features. This version should be pretty much feature-complete, so at this point we'll be focused on fixing any issues that come up. A final 1.0 should be out in the next few weeks.

I did my best to help out with this release by working hard on updated documentation. You can see the fruits of this labor on the new Swiz documentation wiki we've created through JIRA Studio. You can also sign up to enter feature requests or bugs, vote on issues, and all the other good stuff that JIRA provides. If you have any feedback on the documentation, feel free to leave a wiki comment and we'll do our best to address it.

I've also created a Swiz 1.0RC version of my example application. If you like, you can view or download the source code.

Since 1.0RC removes the option for "view injection" into a bean, folks have asked about ways to handle providing a view to a Swiz bean. I created a MediateView custom metadata extension that should handle most of these needs. I'll do my best to keep it up to date as I get feedback about it.

And finally, in the "better late than never" department, I've uploaded the Swiz presentation I gave at cf.Objective() 2010 to SlideSix. I'll also be speaking on Swiz at this year's CFUnited conference. If you're planning on going, I'm happy to talk about Swiz into the wee hours of the morning!

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Speaking at CF.Objective() and CFUnited

Hi folks, I just wanted to drop a note that I'll be speaking at the cf.Objective() and CFUnited conferences again in 2010. Both of these are fantastic conferences, so if you can attend, I highly recommend going!

At cf.Objective(), my first session is "Don't Let OO Drag You Down: A Pragmatic Approach to OO Design and Development". My goal here will be to focus on some specific elements of OO development that I feel offer the most "bang for the buck". These are the ideas that I can't live without, even on a small project. The second session is "The Swiz Framework", where I'll talk about, what else, the Swiz framework for Flex and AS3. We'll look at how it works and what is being added for the 1.0 release.

Meanwhile, at CFUnited, my session is "Clean Code: Why It Matters and How It's Done". Here, I'd like to look at a range of concepts that affect code clarity, including layout, comments, method and class names, file organization, and more. I'll also touch on some "code smells", or indicators that something may be amiss. For now, that is my only confirmed topic, but I believe one more will be added as further topics are announced.

I hope to see you there! You'll find me speaking, listening in the sessions, and enjoying beers in the bar with my fellow code junkies. :-)

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My CFinNC Presentations at SlideSix

I've uploaded my CFinNC presentations to SlideSix for anyone who's interested:

Object-Oriented Design Principles

Introduction to Swiz

Overall, CFinNC was great. I actually had to work for a large chunk of the weekend so aside from presenting and mingling with folks later in the evening, I didn't get to attend many other sessions. That said, everything looked top-notch while I was there. The conference unfolded very smoothly and all of the attendees seemed very engaged. Hats off to Dan Wilson and the entire volunteer team for pulling this off! This conference definitely held its own against the other CF conferences I've attended. It was very difficult to tell that it was completely free. Hopefully we can do it again next year!

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I'm Speaking at the CFinNC Conference...See You There?

Just a quick note that I'll be speaking at the CFinNC conference on October 17-18th here in Raleigh, NC. My topics are Object-oriented Design Principles and The Swiz Framework for Flex.

The conference is FREE and the lineup is very impressive, so if you can attend, please register! And if you register, please actually show up! The danger with a free conference is that it's easy for folks to back out at the last minute, since they lose nothing. But for the organizers, it makes estimating actual attendance difficult. So if you sign up, please do your best to make it. :-)

I'm looking forward to seeing some folks that I normally have to wait until MAX or next year's CFObjective or CFUnited conferences to see. And I hope to meet a lot of new people as well. See you in Raleigh!

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