My old company INDUS is hiring at the National Toxicology Program in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

INDUS is a very good company, and the folks at the NTP are also very nice and easy to work with. They use CF8, Oracle, Fusebox, Farcry, and a number of other technologies. Processes and testing are also very important elements of the work there. Anyone who is interested, please check out the job listing. The INDUS site wants you to create a profile to apply online, so if you don't feel like doing that just contact Matt Darby directly at:

mdarby [at email symbol] induscorp [dot] com.

(Sorry for the cryptic email format, you know how the spammers are.)

Web Developer I
This is an onsite position, no telecommuters or recruiting agencies. If cf skills are not strong we will consider programing skill in other languages as a means to transfer skills into CF.

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  • # Posted By Mike Britton | 7/18/08 12:26 AM

    Indeed, INDUS is a great company and the NTP gives devs the rare opportunity to apply serious process to their projects. I worked there in another life, and loved it.

  • # Posted By Matt Darby | 7/19/08 8:53 PM

    @Brian, Thanks for posting this.

    This is a great opportunity for any up and coming developer that is looking for a chance to contribute to a team of 4 other developers and increase their knowledge into CF. Having had great developers like Mike and Brian as former members of this team along with a few others, we look to invite anyone seeking the challenge of becoming an agile web developer.