More on CF9 ORM Relationships

My entry late last week on association management methods prompted a number of comments. I was going to add another comment but this became quite long so instead I'm adding another blog entry.

The point of my last post was to talk about bidirectional relationships, particularly a one-to-many/many-to-one between two entities. Hibernate (and, thus, the CF9 ORM) has the ability to specify an "inverse" attribute on your relationship. To better show why you usually want to do this, let's look at an example.


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Bidirectional Association Management in ColdFusion 9 ORM

And to follow up on my recent pledge to start blogging further about ORM, lets jump right into a recent topic. A thread on the CF-ORM mailing list brought up the topic of dealing with a bidirectional relationship.


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My CFinNC Presentations at SlideSix

I've uploaded my CFinNC presentations to SlideSix for anyone who's interested:

Object-Oriented Design Principles

Introduction to Swiz

Overall, CFinNC was great. I actually had to work for a large chunk of the weekend so aside from presenting and mingling with folks later in the evening, I didn't get to attend many other sessions. That said, everything looked top-notch while I was there. The conference unfolded very smoothly and all of the attendees seemed very engaged. Hats off to Dan Wilson and the entire volunteer team for pulling this off! This conference definitely held its own against the other CF conferences I've attended. It was very difficult to tell that it was completely free. Hopefully we can do it again next year!

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I'm Speaking at the CFinNC Conference...See You There?

Just a quick note that I'll be speaking at the CFinNC conference on October 17-18th here in Raleigh, NC. My topics are Object-oriented Design Principles and The Swiz Framework for Flex.

The conference is FREE and the lineup is very impressive, so if you can attend, please register! And if you register, please actually show up! The danger with a free conference is that it's easy for folks to back out at the last minute, since they lose nothing. But for the organizers, it makes estimating actual attendance difficult. So if you sign up, please do your best to make it. :-)

I'm looking forward to seeing some folks that I normally have to wait until MAX or next year's CFObjective or CFUnited conferences to see. And I hope to meet a lot of new people as well. See you in Raleigh!

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Final Prep for CFUnited!

It's been a while since I've blogged, as you might guess I've been really busy. I do plan to dive back into blogging again after the conference, both here and at the Alagad blog. But right now my focus is on wrapping up some tasks so that my time at CFUnited is used to it's full potential!

I'm presenting on Friday on Introduction to Object-Oriented Modeling and Design. I've tweaked the presentation a bit since I gave it last, based partly on the podcast that Hal, Ben Nadel and I did a few weeks ago. If you're interested in what helps make "good" OO design, I hope the presentation will be helpful. Again, let me point out that the presentation isn't an introduction to OO, I'm assuming attendees already understand what a class is, what an object is, etc. This presentation is talking about OO at a more general level, in terms of how sets of objects actually work together.

My tentative schedule for the conference is attached to this entry, so if you'd like to chat about OO, CF, Flex, Groovy, or just about anything else, feel free to catch up with me. I'll also most likely be a regular at any evening gatherings at the hotel bar. ;-)

Anyway, I hope to see you this week in DC! Until then!

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